Friday, March 20, 2020

Social Distancing. We are in this together

During this time of emergency, my family is social distancing. We are doing our part to stay to ourselves. I did most of my shopping trips last week to keep us tucked away at home. I've cancelled all work, hangouts and play dates are replaced by FaceTime, my visits with mom are also now on FaceTime. Everything around us our shutting down for everyone's safety. Maryland's 1st death was 2 nights ago, 107 cases of confirmed coronavirus and 9,700 cases around the country. My heart breaks for everyone for those that have lost their loved ones in this terrible pandemic. It has so many feelings, thoughts, and worries taking over me. I am a very social person by nature but I also enjoy solitude and time to reflect, collect my thoughts. So for now I am going to take this opportunity to make the most out of my time with my family, spending moments with each other, get everyone working together, and reconnecting. Revisiting old projects, artwork, setting future goals and capturing this rare time where there are no plans, Just us. I even thought this poor old blog of mine hasn't been touched in so long, it's time to give it some love.


Maybe even a little 80's aerobics classes too