Welcome to my little corner of the web! I started out with a tiny pink camera posing family and toys around age 7. I gradually a upgraded to my father's 1980's minolta film camera in high school where I studied photography electives at John Carroll. When my parent's saw I took an interest in photography they bought my my first first Nikon SLR camera and I posed my cousin and my sister in various goofy scenes as well as stylized Martha Stewart shots of my mother, and lazy days of my horses. My first photography teacher Mrs. McMahon taught me the ins and outs of working in a dark room, It was such a quiet place to retreat to. My father got one of my one of my first side gigs , shooting as a second wedding photographer in 2001. I Studied at Villa Julie where my amazing group of professors opened many new doors to the world of art. All my childhood loves of painting, photography and my new love for design started to take form. After college I began molding them into one solid artwork where photography became my medium. While keeping one of my favorite focuses, capturing life in the world that surrounds us.